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The Coway Ap1512hh Mighty Takes The Gold For Air Purifiers

A market leader in household technology, Coway is a Korean electronics company. Its latest offering, the powerful Coway AP1512HH air purifier  has caught critics completely off guard !

Here are some of the reasons why this $250 essential healthy living device should be the top most priority of your next buy list:

4 – Stage Filtration

< p>This small device is packed with multiple layers of filters that let  only air pass through it. Working as a true HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency it offers a 4-stage filtration system to ensure that the user’s demand for quality and purified air are thoroughly met. The device is equipped with the following four types of filters:

  • A washable pre filter which is able to capture particles like dust particles, fur from pets, and hairs with a micro mesh
  • An odor filter with the ability to eliminate bad odors and harmful gases by making use of a layer of advanced activated carbon
  • A true HEPA filter catching contaminants down to 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.97%
  • And a featured ionizer by Vital Ion™ to eliminate all sorts of pollutants

Air Quality Indicator 

The auto mode is a useful tool for those who seek an intelligent device that supports their healthy living standards. This compact air purifier automatically senses the air quality in the room and adjusts its settings in order to maintain the required quality. The Coway AP-1512HH does this by making use of particle-sensing technology and shows the air quality by provide visible notices to the user.

Energy and Certifications

The Coway AP-1512HH comes with Energy Star verification and a rated usage of 77 watts at its highest capacities. This is a huge plus, as the device has been to tested to fully operate even at as low as 59 watts. Other certifications included for the device are AHAM and ARB. This translates to one quality product that is both authentic and verifiable.

Portability and Convenience

An air purifier is recommended for every room with a size of 34 m2/361 square feet in accordance with KACA rulings. Considering there are much bulkier and heavier counterparts available in the market, this compact performer weighs in about only 15 pounds making it one of the lightest filters in the market. In short, you can actually carry this device with you while running up the stairs. 

Plus, the sound made by most air purifiers is often a letdown. The Coway, on the other hand makes only 58 DB meaning the device isn’t too loud when compared to others, since even a telephone dial needs to be 80 DB and whisper is to ones ear is 38 DB.

Dimensions for the device are as follows:

(W x D x H) = 427mm x 243 mm x 465mm OR 16.8inches x 9.6inches x 18.3inches


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