Dress Up Your Deck With These Design Ideas

Adding a deck from Timbertech UK is one of the ways to increase value to your property. But more often it is primarily about creating a relaxed outdoor space rather than adding value. A well-designed deck is a perfect way to connect outdoor and indoor space of your home. A deck is atmospheric. It makes a magnificent outdoor living space for you to enjoy when you like. Being short on space, working on a tight budget or having no greenery or garden is no big deal. Some inches can go a long way, and you can work with what you have to illuminate your backyard.

What’s more, you can accessorise your deck, style it and customise it to suit your home. Depending on where you position it, it can make a transition between garden and home or a destination on its own. Deck design ideas provide a huge assortment of style for the comfort of the family. You can add a personal touch to the outdoor space with the choice of furniture or the type of fireplace. Materials, on the other hand, are of great importance. You can choose from concrete, tiles, marble or tile since it all depends on you and your personal taste.

Your decks substructure is the most significant component of your space. A big boost for your deck and the environment is using composite decking material. This material uses a blend wood and plastic fibre that replicate the look of wood without all the necessary maintenance. The material comes in an assortment of colours, thickness, and grain patterns. Use this to your advantage and build attractive patterns with harmonizing colours. You get to complement images of tranquil afternoons napping in a hammock or jovial parties around the grill.

While decorating your deck, it is important to concentrate on one or two colours to unify the feel of your decor. A bright pop of colour is the swiftest way to enliven a deck. Use pillows, paper lanterns and paint to coordinate with bright colours of the fabric steamers. This also creates more privacy for a small deck. Consider the effect you are trying to achieve and have one accent colour that stands out. Think of how the colour you choose will work in the surrounding and the rest of your home.

Not all backyards are suitable for huge, flat decks. Consider a wooden walkway connecting a sequence of smaller decks if your backyard is on an incline. A slightly elevated deck brings appeal to a yard that would otherwise be entirely flat. It adds flexibility for relaxing and gives the impression of having two different spaces in your yard. Maximize the space in your backyard with a two-level deck. Using the area under a deck increases your space for relaxation.

Decks are not only for daytime so whatever style you opt for, install mood lighting. Tactically place lights around your deck to set the atmosphere with illumination as the sun sets. There is a multitude of solar lighting available which makes it hard to get the right garden lighting for your deck. Be savvy when making a choice to get the perfect lighting touches.

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