How To Make Your Own Closet Organizer

Most new homes boast of having spacious walk-in closets. However, old-house dwellers and apartment renters often have to cope with closets which are miniscule by comparison. The people that make do with limited storage space understand the importance of using every inch available. Therefore, if you are looking for smart ways to pack more items into your limited space, embark on your journey towards being clutter free by following the 5 DIY closet organizer ideas below.

1. Installing A Sliding Pants Rack

If you own so many pairs of pants than you don’t know what to do with them, you should consider installing a sliding pants rack. If you prefer, you can buy one ready-made but a fun idea is to build your own. Storing pants in this way offers two main advantages: one, it gives you more room on the closet rod, and two, it prevents creasing.

2. Putting Up A Pegboard

A pegboard is usually for organizing heavy-duty accessories and tools in garages and basements. However, if you can affix a pegboard to the back wall of your closet you can use it to organize your belts, ties, socks, and various other small items.

3. Adding A Closet Door Shelf

The closet door can do much more than just closing and opening. You can use it to store sundry items that if not corralled can create chaos and clutter. Even if you are a novice woodworker, you can actually build this tiered array of shallow shelves designed specifically for fitting in the back of the door panel.

4. Hanging an Additional Closet Rod

If you are really short of space in your closet, you can consider hanging a second closet rod. Installing an additional rod will help bring life to the dead zones of your closet by having additional space. Best of all, this is a very simple task that you can do by yourself without need of professional assistance.

5. Building A Single-Sheet Plywood Organizer

Using a quartet of closet rods and a handful of dowels along with a single sheet of plywood, you can build a simple DIY closet organizer. You can find woodworking plans for such projects online free. This is a versatile solution that provides ample room for clothing as well as other miscellaneous personal items.

DIY closet organization solutions are a great way to make the most out of limited space in your closet. Use the tips discussed above to make your own closet organizers. If you should find yourself in need of professional help, contact Closet Wizards to talk to an expert.

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