About Garden Hose Quick Connect

Garden hoses, despite the name, could be used for more than just gardening. Aside from watering plants or maintaining the lawn, a garden hose could be used to wash vehicles, fill pools, and tend to landscaping. However, a person should note that most garden hoses arent made to be used with hot water, and leaving them out in the sun while theyre pressurized can cause some of them to burst or develop other problems. Unless specified in the packaging, a garden hose should be used only for its intended purpose to transport cold water from an outdoor spigot or tap.

Depending on what a person wants to use the water for, there are many types of connectors that can be used for their garden hoses. Garden hoses use a male-female connector system, with the female being the part with the receptacle that holds the male part. In the case of gardening hoses, the male connector is on the head of the hose, while the female part connects to the spigot or tap. Sometimes, a person may want to connect multiple garden hoses together, and could do so by connecting the male connector to the female connector of the next hose (called mating).

In recent years, a garden hose quick connect system has become popular for making connections to your hoses easier. Because of the snap-fit system that defines a garden hose quick connect, it makes the job of replacing fittings, sprayers, and other garden hose accessories a lot easier. You no longer have to screw and unscrew to make the connections. This is helpful because often garden hose connections are difficult to screw due to dirt, rust, or other obstacles that make it more difficult to swap or change water tools. Because of this, more people have been opting to use quick connect fittings. These are made from various materials, such as aluminum, plastic, and brass.

How the Quick Connect System Works

A garden hose quick connect eliminates the need to manually screw the hose into the tap. To connect a part, you just pull back the outer ring of the fitting and snap the parts together. To disconnect them, you just pull on the outer ring and separate the pieces. The garden hose quick connect keeps a tight grip around the hose, so that it wont give or break due to any pulling or tugging. The female part of the quick connect often has a washer inside made of plastic or rubber, and this helps prevent any leaks. Most quick connects use either an O-ring inside or a special washer to seal the inside.

Brass vs. Plastic

Plastic quick connects can be found in many hardware, warehouse, or department stores. However, these cheap garden hose quick connects are more likely than not to fail and leak after being exposed to any natural elements and after a few seasons of use. This means that you must spend more to keep replacing them in the long run.

This is why some companies have manufactured heavy-duty quick connects made of brass: worldsbestbrassnozzle.com/products/garden-hose-quick-connect. Unlike plastic, brass garden hose quick connect can take the abuse of daily use and heavy amounts of water pressure without wearing down or leaking. Many brass quick connects are also easier on a persons hands and dont need to be used with wrenches, so they can be hand-tightened. The male and female parts are also rotatable even when theyre connected, which means that you don’t have to twist your hose around in a certain way struggle with making sure that everything fits snuggly and properly.

Heavy-duty quick connects, are pricier than plastic ones, but its important for a person to remember that buying cheaper quick connects will cost more in the long run as opposed to buying the brass ones. While its true that brass quick connects are more expensive, the fact that they can withstand more wear and tear than the plastic ones means that perhaps a person only needs to purchase them once and never again (or, if ever the brass ones do wear down, not for a very long time). Theyre all assured to be able to fit into any standard garden hose and/or other garden hose accessories that a person might own.

Some companies sell these quick connects by the set and give a person the option of buying additional parts separately. Buying a set of brass quick connect for a persons garden hoses could be one of the best investments you can make for your watering tools and many other people have expressed their satisfaction with online reviews of the different brass quick connect products. Easy to store, clean, connect, and use, brass quick connects not only do the job they were made to do well but also make sure that they keep doing it for a very long time.

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