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As a leading company in smart home systems in Jacksonville, we have sold hundreds smart home systems. Our survey responses from our numerous customers reveal that homeowners desire smart home systems that are customized to suit their needs. Smart home systems that are custom designed just to serve them in their home environments. The functions required by homeowners are very fast, which may include security, entertainment, and comfort. Our survey shows that a very large percentage of our customers want their homes automated to a point that it acts according to their various preferences and serve amazing functions.

We distinguish ourselves by our ability to suit your special taste.

Let us consider the keypad, for instance. Control4, which is undoubtedly one of the leading technological companies in its field, has done one of it usually wonders in the industry; we designed the ideal smart home keypad. A distinguishing character that sets us apart is our ability to custom design and align our products to perfectly meet the taste of our customers.

One of the most amazing features of our system is its ability to carry out several commands just from the same button, a very interesting feature that does just exactly what the homeowner wants. Our keypad, which is the ideal smart home keypad, has many interesting features and advantages aside it outstanding light control function. This product possesses several features that even the homeowner may be oblivious of.

It is very easy for us, the top top Control4 dealer in Jacksonville, to design the keypad to do exactly what the homeowner wants. Ordinarily looking at its essential features, it is no doubt the smart home keypad is a marvelous invention of Control4. You can turn on or turn off every light in the house just with the press of a button. You can also turn on the alarms and lock ever single door in the house as you leave your home for work.

With a press of a button, you can put the whole house to sleep and you can also entertain guest using our keypad, it is so amazing! It can adjust the lighting of the home environment just to create beautiful scenes that will match specific occasions at the press of a button. It can also entertain guests by playing cool music from your playlist. It also closes your shades at sunset. Indeed, our keypad is the ideal smart home keypad.

Our smart home keypad is a wonderful creation that our customers call “The miracle of its field.” Visit our keypads section to learn more about personalized themes.

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