A Sparkling Pool Makes Your Home More Attractive To Buyers & Renters

Having a pool at a property is a sure fire way to get lots of eyes of your adverts on vacation rental sites. It will also increase the viewings if you are selling. But what good will that do if your pool is a green clumpy mess full of algae?

You must either:

A: Clean it yourself regularly

B: Hire a pool maintenance guy

C: Use an automatic solution

The Power Of A Good Pool Pump

If you have the right pool pump then half the battle will be over as its job is to keep the water circulating so all the dust and debris flows to the filter and doesnt lie dead in the water. Make sure you get an energy efficient variable speed model as the pump needs to run all day and these are the cheapest models available in terms of how much electric they consume. If you buy the wrong pump, like an old style single speed model, just cause its cheaper to purchase, it can cost up to 9 times more a year to run. Crazy.

Automatic Pool Vacs Will Clean The Pool For You

This one is a no brainer. Between property rental contracts you can nip round or even have someone plug a powered pool vac scrubber into your suction port and watch it scrub out and vacuum away all the dirt and grime that is stuck on the floor and walls of your pool. It will even do tricky spots like steps. Best of all is an auto pool cleaner can be purchased for $150.

Pool Heaters

If your property is in one of the warmer climes the sun will certainly help with the temperature. Even so it can get chilly in the evening and on off-peak months. If you have a natural gas line its easy to add a gas heater for your clients perusal. You can even make extra money by billing them for gas.

If you dont have natural gas you can install a propane pool heater and bill them for a fresh tank if they request the use of a heater. Then there is the option heat pumps. Heat pumps work off electricity so you can of course charge for this and make extra revenue as well.

It is also in your interest to have the pool clean and to do so with the least amount of hassle with automatic solutions like pumps, filters and auto vacs. A pool can be not only an attractive rental persuader, but you can also make money with energy usage.

Now have you ever thought of the money you can make by renting out inflatables for fun pool games.

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