6 Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Are you looking to buy a hardwood floor vacuum? Not many people know what it is and picking the best one can be a bit difficult. You need to take quality, price, additional features and many different factors in consideration before making any purchase. Since all the cleaners are technically the same, it can be difficult to choose the one that suits your needs the most. Here are some essential tips you should follow when choosing the best vacuum for your hardwood floor. Check them out below!

1.     Avoid Rolling Brushes

Although rolling brushes seem like an essential feature of a vacuum cleaner, you should be clear whether or not you really need them before making the purchase. If you require vacuum cleaners for your hardwood floors, you don’t need those with rolling brushes. In fact, vacuum cleaners with rolling brushes can be dangerous for hardwood surfaces. They can scratch your floor and leave marks on it.

2.     Go For Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

You should make this factor your top priority. Do not go for heavy weight vacuum cleaners as they are usually not durable enough. Also, lightweight vacuum cleaners are best suited for hardwood surfaces as they are easier to carry and use. They can also help in making your cleaning sessions smoother.

3.     Choose the One with Good Suction Power

Other than this, choose a vacuum cleaner with a reasonable suction power. It is important to make sure that all the dust, rubbish and waste is properly cleaned.

4.     Upright or Canister

There are a lot of different types of vacuum cleaners you can buy for your carpets. However, the choices are limited when it comes to hardwood floor vacuum cleaners. The two common options include upright or canister vacuum. Both types have their pros and cons and suit people with different preferences. If you want a portable and easy to move vacuum cleaner, you should go for a canister vacuum. It is portable, lightweight and ideal to carry around to be used in multiple rooms.

If you don’t have need to move around much to clean up, you should go for an upright vacuum. It offers superior quality of suction and other features.

5.     Rubber Wheels

Make sure the new vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor comes with rubber wheels. Striped padding and rubber wheels will minimize any chance for scratches, tears, dents and holes on the surface. 

6.     Consider Price

Regardless of your budget, you can find a good vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor, if you know exactly what features you require. However, make sure you do not pay extra money for something you don’t need. Never make the mistake of buying very expensive vacuum cleaners as they are not necessarily the best choice.


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