Benefits Of Adding Magnetic Retrofit Double Glazing

Do you suffer from some uncomfortable drafts near your windows? Is it awfully bright where the sun barrels into your home? Do you have old, but beautiful windows that would be expensive to replace? There are solutions other than buying replacement windows, which can be extremely costly given all of the new technology attached to them.

A replacement double- or triple-glazed window with a low-emissivity coating and some argon or krypton gas sandwiched between the panes of glass runs in the thousands of dollar range. Not to mention, labor may add to the cost of replacement windows. That means a lot of people are shivering indoors, hearing all the street noise from outside, because they think there are no other options.

What Is Magnetic Retrofit Double Glazing?

If you are like most people, and wondering how you could afford replacement windows, which encompass the full window assembly of the frame and glazing, know that there are other ways to improve your view on the world.

Magnetic retrofit double glazing provides added insulation that homeowners realize when they have double glazing, or two layers of glass. One single layer of glass is apt to allow in cold and heat as well as the sun’s rays.

In addition, having only one layer of glass is less secure, and makes your home an easy target for burglars. They can smash and grab what they want to very easily. Beside that, single glazing is subpar when it comes to soundproofing.

Retrofit double glazing adds the benefits of two layers of glass easily. It means it is more difficult to break into the home. The magnetic glazing can be cut to fit any shape or size of window. The labor costs and time are reduced tremendously with retrofit window products.

The advantage over traditional double glazing is that they are easier to replace than old double glazing that is about to go. In addition, the retrofit option reduces noise and increase solar thermal efficiency by as much as 70 percent. That all translates into a more comfortable home without touching the thermostat or having to mess around with blinds and shades.

In addition, the installation is easy, and barely touches the home, not bothering siding and window frames. Instead, the house is left intact, and the labor costs are minimal. Most of the work is already performed before the magnetic retrofit installers arrive at the home.

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