Keeping Your Pool Clean The Easy Way

Whats the use in having a pool if its going to cost you most of your evenings or the weekend just keeping it clean? Thankfully technology has now emerged on the market featuring robotics that can take care of this boring job for you. Enter the dawn of the robotic pool cleaner.

Today you can spend literally thousands getting your pool cleaner of choice. Any number of models come kitted out with more advanced components that are adept at hoovering, scrubbing and sticking to tricky surfaces and awkward high rise slopes, and even vertical walls, just to make sure your pool is sanitized. Seeing one of these rugged pool cleaners climb the walls inside your pool is akin to watching Spiderman in action.

Of all the pool cleaning types, robotic cleaners are definitely the most effective, and conversely the most expensive to purchase. There are other options available called pressure-side and suction-side cleaners. They work using the filter, the pump and also your return suction line.

Some cleaners have brushes underneath them just the same as you would find on a household vacuum cleaner. Underneath there can be miniscule jets that propel particles of dust and dirt back to the built in filter or back through your pools suction line for removal.

So how do these cleaners work without your intervention?

All cleaners take a random route over 2- 4 hours (cheaper models take longer and may need to be put to work again on another cycle) to clean your entire pool from top to bottom- yes that even includes the walls. Unfortunately, the non-robotic varieties are not that good at cleaning up dirt and grime in steps, built in sit down areas and even around ladders.

But it its the cheapest possible method you want of cleaning your pool, and you dont mind a bit of effort then the less expensive suction and pressure-side cleaners will do most of the hard graft for you.

You will then have to scrub any dirt of your coping borders and tiles by hand, but if you have grown up kids you can get them some chores!

It isnt all plain sailing when it comes to robotic cleaners. The biggest negative concerning them is that you cant use the pool when they are doing their job as you can get injured. Robotic cleaners are powered by electricity.

They have a filter system inside them and a spinning brush- which revolves at a fast speed which dislodges dirt and grime from all surfaces inside your pool. It would not be ideal if a child or a pets hair got stuck in this. Safety first, but ideally you would run this early in the morning or late at night when no one is using the pool.

A robotic pool cleaner is like a vacuum cleaner except it works automatically and it also scrubs dirt and washes it away from the surface it is navigating over. They are also more economical and less taxing on your pool systems because they are stand alone. I wonder now would it work inside my home.

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