Four Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing Cheap Bunk Beds

As people are more likely to keep their property than sell their home, there is an increased interest in space-saving techniques and home improvements to make homes more comfortable and feel bigger. Bunk beds are two perfect examples of space-saving improvements for children’s rooms. As there are no universal standard for this type of bed though, it is important that you make the most educated decision you can when choosing the best bed for your kids.

There are plenty of ways to customise the general design of a bunk bed. While lots of companies offer various wood finishes, some offer special themed variations such as princess castles and camouflage tents, like these on Cheap Bed Sale.

It is crucial that you see the purchase of a bunk bed as an investment and to protect it, you need to consider the following things before you buy one:

-Product Recalls
-Shipping Cost


It can be hard to choose the right bed with so many bunk beds to choose from. However, as you likely want one that will last as long as possible it is important to think of the functionality. As children grow up quickly, a bed that may seem like the perfect choice one day may not when they are a moody teenager.

As many bunk beds have the option to be big enough for full-size mattresses, rather than half-size as they are more likely to last through the whole of their childhood. Choosing a classic and simple design is also recommended to ensure the bunk bed will be suitable whatever your child’s changing tastes are.

Product Recalls

Although you won’t always hear about them in the news, bunk beds often are recalled by manufacturers. There has been some cases where models have been recalled because of a number of different flaws including:

Danger of a child getting trapped
Safety issues with the guardrail on top bunk
Poor workmanship

Most of the bigger brands and more reputable manufacturers keep abreast of these problems and remove any problematic products and designs from their product list. It is still best to check national and local watchdog groups and official government-backed quality assurance and safety guideline organisations to ensure a particular bed is safe.


Children have a tendency to do damage to furniture and beds in particular. They jump on and off them and put them to the absolute limits. Bunk beds purchase for children’s rooms therefore have to be able to withstand a lot of abnormal wear and tear and use. This is why it is important to consider the construction method of a bed before buying it.

Metal bunk beds have been noted for their safety issues by experts, because they have a tendency to wobble, bend and dent over time because of weaker joints. So, while a metal bunk bed could save you some money, it won’t be as good a long-term investment.
Wood bunk beds still have their own issues. As a general rule of thumb though, the heavier the bed, the sturdier and safer it is likely to be.

Shipping Costs

When you shop online, you need to remember that some stores don’t include shipping in the product price. So always look at the shipping costs when trying to find the best option at the best price.

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