Why Realtors Should Partner With A Roofing Company

If you’re a Realtor, you know just how important it is for the sale or purchase of your client’s house to run smoothly. What takes place when it does not, especially after an evaluation uncovers that roof repair work is needed?

Well that’s where it’s beneficial as a Realtor to have a trusted roofing partner to respond and provide their expertise. A roofing partner can provide quick, convenient and cost-friendly options to roofing systems that require repair or replacement for real estate clients.

Now, you know that when a sale is on the line, time is of the essence. However what if your homeowner does not have the money to repair their roofing? Or if they do, can’t find a certified roofer to rapidly and professionally handle the required work?

For these reasons (and a number of others we’ll cover in a moment), it’s an excellent idea as a real estate professional to work with a roofer you can depend on in these kind of scenarios.

As a Realtor, if you’re not already working with a roofing company, here are 6 benefits to doing so:

1. A Roofing Partner Can Offer a Second Opinion
The need for a roof repair is typically found out after an evaluation. A partner roofing company can provide a consultation on the assessment of the roofing. Frequently at no cost at all.

2. Partner Roofing Contractors Can Help with Needed Repairs
By dealing with a roofing contractor you can rely on, they can help perform any repair work in a timely fashion. There is no need to spend valuable time looking for a trustworthy roofer. The roofing partner will have already been vetted and their work ethic would already be known to the real estate agent.

You can simply get the phone and have a roofing contractor on call with every need.

3. They can Offer Free Estimates on Repairs or Replacements
It’s relatively typical for roof companies to use complimentary price quotes for roofing repairs or replacements. Often they do not.

By dealing with a partner roofing contractor, any estimates supplied should cost you or your clients nothing.

4. Partner Roofing Companies can Speed up Closing with Timely Reports
When a seller is accountable for repairing their roof prior to closing, there often needs to be some kind of evidence of what repair work had been completed finished.

With a trusted roofing partner, you don’t have to worry about any of this as your roofer should offer an in-depth report of the work carried out on the roofing system.

This in turn should help accelerate the closing time because you’re not waiting on proof that needed repairs were finished.

5. They are there When You Need Them
Perhaps among the most significant advantages to working with a trusted roofing company is that they are there for you when you need them.

As a partner Realtor, you are their top priority and they should want to put you and your customers first.

6. Roofers Can Also Help Get your home Sold
” How is that,” you might ask? The truth is, a trusted roofing contractor can make everyone’s lives much easier. From the purchaser, to the seller, to the agent and all other parties involved.

They quickly assess what work needs to be performed, provide money saving tips, and handle repair work in a timely manner. All while minimizing stress and developing peace of mind for everyone included.

When trying to buy or sell a home, the last thing anybody wishes to deal with is a setback such as a damaged roof. Why not hand this off to a partner you can rely on, so you can get from assessment to closing in no time at all?

A Roofing Company for Real Estate Professionals

At Pro Choice Orlando Roofing Company, we have been helping Realtors take care of residential roofing issues for many years. If you’re a real estate professional who is searching for a trustworthy, dependable and professional roofing company, then look no further.

We have experience working with Realtors in the Orlando, FL area who represent both sellers and buyers to repair roof problems prior to closing.

Quick turnaround times and the going beyond of client expectations is something we aim to accomplish with each roofing job always.

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