How To Clean A Hardwood Floor?

For the longest time, hardwood floors are still well known for its luxurious look. It is undeniable that the modern kind of flooring copies the look of hardwood floors because there are many people that want to have a that look. Whether it be for structural or aesthetic purpose, hardwood floor never fail to give off a clean and elegant look. Aside from that, it is very durable and easily maintained.

There are two types of hardwood floors, the solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors. The solid hardwood floor is made up of single piece timber while the engineered is made up of 2 layers; top layer called lamella which has the wood element and the core or substrate wherein the top layer is attached for stability.

As opposed to common notion that having hardwood floor is a pain in terms of cleaning, it is easy and affordable. There are basic procedures on how to clean hardwood floor. On a daily basis, cleaning only require you to sweep the floor with a soft broom or use a hard floor canister vacuum with soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

Video below shows the top 10 canister vacuum cleaners available in the market and the model No 1, No 4, and No 6 are specially designed for hard floors.

Then you can use a damp mop to thoroughly remove the dirt and grit. It is not necessary to do waxing or buffing daily but instead you may do it periodically. You need to be careful while moping and make sure that the mop is not excessively wet because the excess water can damage the hard wood floor.

For tough stains and grit, using a cleanser would be helpful. The best cleanser is those that have neutral PH. There are loads of cleansers available in the market today. However, for those who dont want to spend for the cleanser, a home-made cleanser can be easily done. Just combine vinegar and water then used is on the area with too much stains and grit. It will effectively remove the stains and make the floor shiny again.

There are important things to note in maintaining a clean and shiny hardwood floor.
First is to quickly remove water from the floor. Use a towel of mop to dry the floor if there is any spilled water especially in large quantity. Keep in mind that water is the number one thing that can damage the hardwood floors.

Second, always use soft broom or soft vacuum brush to prevent scratching the surface of the floor. Use the cleanser to remove tough dirt instead of scouring or scratching the floor. Scratches on the floor can ruin the look of the floor.
Third, always follow the manufacturers recommendation on cleaning and treating scratches and dents.

Lastly, do some waxing and buffing from time to time to maintain the glossy look of the hardwood floor. The thin film from wax will also provide additional protection for the floor from water that comes into it.

Well, you need to schedule a periodic cleaning in order to keep the floors tidy and clean. Also, choose the right tools to do the cleaning is also important to maintain the finishing of your hardwood floors.

How to clean hardwood floor is one of the basic considerations before choosing to have this kind of flooring. A clean hardwood floor will ultimately give your place a sense of space and charm. Hope that this article will give you an idea to clean the hardwood floors.

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